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An interview with some youth about the pandemic ...

What’s new since the church closed April 2019?

Both boys started high school in September. They couldn’t have a celebration with their classmates when they graduated from middle school. High School is a lot bigger and has more people than middle school. R is lucky enough to be in a class with many of his friends from middle school, but T’s friends have mostly gone to other schools and he feels lonely at times. T has registered for drivers’ education and is looking forward to beginning soccer in May. Both boys have tried to stay active by bike riding and playing “lots of ping pong.” They built a skating rink this winter on the river behind their house. Despite this, both boys admit they have not been as active this year as they usually are.

T and R have grown much taller and R has the beginnings of a definite beard. As the photo to the left shows, they are now considerably taller than their youth leader (Barbara Paterson) and they had fun pointing this fact out to her!

What has been the most difficult part of the Pandemic for you?

The most difficult thing has been the inability to see family and friends. At Easter, T and R had an outside visit with some friends and their Gramma who they hadn’t seen in a year. Although that was very nice, it wasn’t the same and they missed hugging people and just being close to them. They have Zoom visits with their grandparents on the east coast on the weekends, but, again, that just isn’t as satisfying as when they could actually be with their grandparents.

What have you learned during the Pandemic?

T said he has learned about the importance of staying safe so that you keep others safe. “If we all work together, we’ll get through this faster.” R has been keeping a record of how he manages his time. He said he didn’t realize how much time he was spending watching TV and playing video games during the Pandemic. He is trying to be more active because of this realization.

What do you miss about the Big Red Church?

T said that he misses being able to actively participate in the services, seeing all the people at church and singing. Both boys said they had tried watching the services online, but that experience felt like they were observers, not participants. R and T agreed that they miss Youth Group a lot.