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Rental Information

Sanctuary (main floor)

The sanctuary can be rented for weddings, funerals, large meetings, concerts or other events that need a large space with sound system and projection system in place. 


Kitchen (basement)

The kitchen is a fully stocked commercially rated kitchen that includes a freezer, fridge, stoves and stainless steel counter top together with two large stainless steel sinks, dishwasher, as well as dishes, cutlery, serving dishes, etc.


Kids Zone (basement)

This room is excellent for a birthday party, or any other celebration for a child as the walls are colourful and the room inviting.  It is found in the basement of the church near the bathrooms and kitchen as well as the large auditorium space in the basement.

Kids Zone

Ladies Lounge (main floor)

This room is on the main floor and ideal for wedding showers, baby showers, small meetings, workshops, etc  A small kitchen and bathroom are accessible from this space.

Ladies Lounge

Gordie's (main floor)

This room is on the main floor and is perfect if you're looking for a coffeehouse vibe. This space offers a stage with a sound system and projector, tables and chairs as well as couches and other more relaxed seating.


Higham Room (main floor) 

This room is on the main floor of the church and is ideal for small meetings or workshops.  A small kitchen and fully accessible bathroom are next to this room.

Higham room

Auditorium (basement)

This large area in the basement is perfect for wedding showers, kids birthday parties, bingo nights, anniversary parties, special events, games nights, etc. This room includes a small stage. The kitchen and bathrooms are easily accessible from this space.


To rent any of the spaces above, please fill out the rental agreement form and e-mail it to our office admin. Do not hesitate to email if you have any questions.

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