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Two Witnesses

Greetings to each and all of you! These are interesting times. It seems fitting that we are in the season of Lent. So much of our lives has shifted a few degrees. This has left things up in the air and many of us are uncertain concerning where this is all going. At the Big Red Church we are basically taking things one step at a time. It seems that in the not so distant future we may be able to gather as a community. Our basic hope is that on Easter Sunday we will be able to meet together for a communion service. We will keep you informed as time goes on.

Our gathering on Saturday morning went nicely. There was lots of story telling and lots of laughter. Perhaps you remember a column in the Readers Digest called "Laughter is the Best Medicine"? It surely is an antidote to the fear which now has taken so many imaginations captive. Hopefully, you and your families are finding time for smiles and laughter.

Here is our video for this week:

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