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The Valley of Decision

We are living in uncertain times. It seems that our ordinary experience of life has been overshadowed by uncertainty and insecurity. The main source of this is our exposure to the media. Everyday we hear more about the advance of the Covid virus, which is affecting persons all over the world. This constant stream of news is everyday a little more alarming. We are all wondering where this is going to lead. Thanks be to God, who offers us spiritual light to help us find our way forward confidently.

Gathering with the Band on Saturday mornings is a special part of my week. This week the room seemed to be filled with laughter. One person commented that laughter is good medicine for the soul in such dark times. Hopefully, you, your family and friends, are able to look at the remaining positive aspects of our world. Preferring these to the constant stream of bad news allows us to walk in the light and share that light with others.

Here is our video presentation:

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