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The Valley of Decision

The last days of this week have been quite splendid. The sun has been shining bright and the atmosphere was neither hot nor cold but just right. Some of have also noticed that tree leaves are starting to change color and fall to the ground. A sure indication that the season of summer is passing and autumn is in process.

Looking at history we notice that our Western Civilization is going through a season of change. What was taken for granted is now up in the air. As citizens we are being called to think carefully about our responsibility in a land of freedom. We are becoming well aware that following the crowd is not going to bring a better future into play. Each of must step up to face the challenge of our time. This is the basic lesson taught by Jesus. He taught people, by his example, how the way of God could be realized. This not by heavy handed theology but by open handed kindness. In this way expressing the love of God which stands at the heart of the stories told about Jesus and the community of faith gathered in his name.

Saturday morning a small group got together to sing some songs and share some spoken words. This was recorded and is posted just below these words. The songs are inspiring and the message offers opportunity to think again about what is going on around us and how we can best respond. If you have comments or questions, send them my way and I will respond.

Here is the short recorded service:

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