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The Big Red Church

I am very pleased concerning our vision as a community of faith. Over the past while we have been energized by a variety of experiences. First among these are the various social gatherings we have had. There was a pot luck with our neighbours. The room was full of persons conversing and children playing. Food was brought by persons from the Church and the Neighbourhood. It was plentiful and delicious. Then there was our annual Quiz Night. About eighty persons participated as we tested our knowledge about politics, sports, current events and other categories. We also have a group of knitters who call themselves "Woolies". The group is growing and there are now more than twenty persons participating. They knit and converse intimately about their experience of life in the neighbourhood and beyond. Then there is the Friday morning gathering of parents and children. This project started small and is growing steadily. It offers play time for the children and social time for the parents.

As we go forward in the hope of sharing our building as a community resource, financial matters are coming into play. We are fortunate to have a retired researcher who has skills at securing grants related to building and community development. Our priorities are focused on making the building safe and accessible for all person. This includes the renovation of our washrooms and plans to build a gender neutral and handicap accessible bathroom. Our kitchen has been inspected and approved for community use. There are some renovations to be done, including a new floor, new lighting and upgraded appliances. We are also looking at improving our outdoor lighting and signage for communication of neighbourhood events and programs.

Our world is going through many changes. It is our hope that the community at the Big Red Church will contribute in a positive way to make life healthy and happy for the generations to come. This with an emphasis on the well being of children here and everywhere.

Shaping our future one stitch at a time!

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