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Separating Weeds From Wheat

Greetings to you each and all. We have passed through another week of uncertainty. So much about our lives is now up in the air. This is noticed in the popular media which is full of bad news. It almost seems that powers in high places are working to keep the population insecure. Even so, we who have placed our trust in the way of God are confident and secure. Even though we seem to be walking through the valley of death's dark shadow, we are not afraid. Living by faith we are made able to go forward confidently one step at a time.

Our recordings have been patched together and they are not always perfect. The video below has a small editing error which leaves a few words missing. The missing words are: "... in that parable we hear that God...". Then the message continues to its conclusion. Basically that message presents my insights on the separation of what is helpful from what is harmful. This based on the parable Jesus told about the separation of good seed from bad seed. Taking encouragement from the parable, we have opportunity to look at our priorities and make changes that will foster the growth of our caring presence in the Glenelm neighborhood and the world.

I am very grateful for the Called 2 B Band. Each week they choose songs which communicate insight and encouragement. Those songs are then introduced by various band members. Each having a personal faith and sharing that faith to further our common good. The selected songs offer opportunity for personal growth as followers along the way of the way of God. I trust that the Holy Spirit will inspire and motivate you to make a creative difference in our world.

Texts in which our service is rooted:

Matthew 13: 24-30 / Romans 8: 19-26 / Psalm 86: 11-15

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