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Remedy For Our Time


We are going through a time of uncertainty. Our regular routines are changed by outside influence. This may leave us feeling a little lost. Thank goodness for the spirit of God which dwells at the very heart of our being. Getting in touch with that spirit opens a way forward with confidence. This not only for ourselves but also for all those whom we meet along the way of our lives.

We had planned to prepare and publish online services for the month of August. I am sorry to say that this will not be happening for a variety of reasons. The primary reason being the lack of skilled technicians to record and post the services. With this in mind I am hoping you will explore the online presentations of other faith communities. This will offer you insight from perspectives other than those of the Big Red Church. Here is a link to a United Church page listing online services. You will find them in the left column of the page.

The service at the Big Red Church, for Sunday July 26, is posted below. The theme is focused on finding hope through prayer in times such as these. That hope being rooted in our faith in the goodness of God revealed by the Holy Spirit in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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