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Practice Kindness and Grow In Grace

Hello friends....

Last week I suggested that Church would resume this Sunday. Things have changed since then. So we got together as a team and prepared yet another video service. The singing was insightful and encouraging. Music is like that. It has the ability to lift our spirits.

It has been challenging to work through these times of change. Hopefully you are doing well. If not, we have you in our prayers and trust that God will reach into your life with grace. This may come through our music and message. It may also come from you family and friends.

The service this week is rooted in my exploration of the lectionary texts. At the heart of my reflections there is the personality of King David. He is a remarkable character in the history of our world. Basically, David was a person just like us. His relationship with God continues to bless persons of all times and places. Reading his poetry we are encouraged in our own relationship with God. The Psalms make plain that God is the source and the substance of hope for the future. Being in relationship with God is the key to open heaven's door. I trust you give at least a small part of every day to read the scriptures and contemplate their meaning in your life.

I hope you will enjoy the video below. By God's spirit the songs and words will bring you insight and encouragement.

The Texts For Sunday, June 28 are:

Psalm 89:1-4 / Romans 6:12-23 / Matthew 10:40-42

My first impressions of these scriptures:

The Psalm presents testimony to the unfailing love of God. The author is determined to make God’s love known to all persons in all places. The text makes clear that God has chosen David to communicate the good news of God’s unfailing care for all. We notice that God has given a special role to David in the way of salvation. All generations will remember David’s words and his role as God’s servant will never be ended.

In Romans the apostle encourages persons to resist sin. He makes clear that material desires are rooted in wickedness. We are encouraged to turn from such desire and choose the way of God. In doing so we become agents of right action. Through faith we are set free from the power of death and for the power of life. This all by the grace of God and not through our own merit. We are enabled by God’s spirit to walk in the way of right behaviour. The apostle indicates that choosing to practice God’s way leads to the removal of all that hinders human well being and opens to all that leads to life which is without ending.

Matthew presents Jesus as he lets those who follow his way know that our relationship with God is one of unity. Those who welcome and accept our testimony are included in the love of God. As we are filled with God’s love that love overflows into all our relations. This love is present in even the smallest act of kindness. All who practice kindness will be blessed by God unfailing love.

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