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On The Way...


From my birth in a small Dutch village I have been curious about the world. Mum told stories about my persistent wandering away from home. That spirit of curiosity continues to this day. I love walking along the streets of our city and meeting persons along the way.

The world has gone through many changes since I was born. Things were simple then and now they are complicated. I miss the simplicity and do all that I can to remove the complications.

Over time I have learned to value my relationship with family, friends and neighbours above the obtaining of shiny possessions. It has become clear to me that the true treasure in life is not material. It is spiritual. This not as religion but as personal investment in the growth of character. I work diligently to become the best person I can be and encourage others to do so as well. In this way contributing to the shaping of a healthy and happy future for our children, grandchildren and all the generations to come.


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