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Energized For Change

Hello friends and neighbors! I am trusting that you are finding your way through these days with confidence. For my part, I have been drawing creative energy from the world of nature in which we live. Birds singing in the trees add brightness to the air. Flowers blooming in the garden add beauty to our home. And our wee puppy keeps us active and amused by her antics. All in all the good seems to be outweighing the bad.

The service posted below was created over an extended period of time. The Called to Be band recorded songs a week ago. I added the spoken bits on Wednesday. It was very interesting to speak a message with no one in the building. It is a good thing my imagination is active so I could picture all of you in your homes as I spoke. I hope that my expressed thoughts will be helpful as you move forward in hope. If you have any questions or comments about anything, please give me a call or send me a note.

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