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Caretakers of Creation


I trust you are doing well as we go through these times of testing. God's spirit is at the very heart of our being and more than adequate to deal with any circumstance we may experience. All creation is filled with creatures reflecting the diversity and the majesty of God. This includes our human being. Each of us has opportunity to allow God's light to enter our heart and mind. Doing so we become messengers of hope to all those whom we encounter along the way of our lives.

I am praying that the spirit of God will bless you with insight and encouragement as you listen to the songs and message posted below. They are expressed by faith and in the expectation that they will support and encourage you as you go forward along the way of life.

The texts informing my words are:

Psalm 145:8-14 / Romans 7:15-25a / Matthew 11:28-30

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