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A modern thinker has suggested that we live between memory and hope. This is certainly the case at the Big Red Church. Our shared experience is rooted in days gone by and animated to shape days to come. We are a community of friends cooperating to bring health and happiness into our lives. Our emphasis is focused on the well being of our children and children everywhere. This emphasis is expressed in the awareness that all children of the earth will inherit the consequence of our collective decisions and determinations.

Here is a wee recording of about four minutes from our Sunday morning gathering. It shows in at least a small way the spirit in which we share our insights and learn from one another.

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  • Curious George

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It is so fine to have a place in which to connect with family, friends and neighbours. It will take time to develop this resource as a means for communicating the heart and soul of our learning experience at The Big Red Church. My goal will be to communicate insights and encouragements as we go forward into the possible future. This with a full awareness that we are seeking health and happiness not only for ourselves but also for all those with whom we stand in relationship. In a special way we are hoping to connect with our neighbours to cooperate with them in the hope of making Glenelm an example of community well being for all to see and emulate.

Stay tuned for more as the days move us along!

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